Eye Exams

Our comprehensive eye exams are designed to address your specific health concerns at different stages of life. If you’re a student struggling to learn in school, an office worker spending long hours in front of a computer, or a middle-aged adult with changing vision needs, we’ve got you covered.

We can also help you navigate age-related eye health issues and manage any problems that arise. Many vision and health issues may not have apparent symptoms, which is why our comprehensive eye exams are so vital. Our expert team will determine the prescription, check your eyes for both eye and general health problems (such as diabetes and high blood pressure), and assess how your eyes work together as a team.

Child with face on the Phoropter, getting eyes examined at Red Deer Optometry Studio.

Contact Lens Exams

We don’t just stop at eyeglasses. We also offer contact lens fittings to our patients. With numerous types available, each catering to different needs and lifestyles, we want to ensure that every patient is fitted correctly so that they can see their best.

It is important to note that contact lens prescriptions differ from eyeglasses prescriptions, as they take into account how far the lens sits from the eyes. Additionally, contact lenses come in various sizes and base curves, which our Optometrist considers when fitting patients with the appropriate lenses.

Our ultimate goal is to provide patients with the best possible vision correction option based on their unique needs and preferences.

Children’s Exams

Research shows that up to 80% of learning is visual, which means poor school performance could be linked to your child’s vision or eye coordination. Similarly, infants develop, reach milestones and learn about the world around them through their sense of sight. That’s why at The Eye Studio, in line with the Canadian Association of Optometrists, we recommend children’s eye exams starting at age 6 months and then annually after age 2 or 3.

Drs. Holtom and Kindopp may recommend more frequent exams if there is a family history of lazy eyes or developmental delays. Children’s eyes can change rapidly as they grow, which means some children, especially those who wear glasses or contact lenses, may require more frequent exams as well. It is essential to detect and address any vision problems or eye health concerns as early as possible, which can help ensure optimal development and learning.

Ipad with eye testing images for child eye exams in Red Deer.