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Vision Therapy Helps Motor Skills and Visual Perception

Issues with motor skills and visual perception can affect your ability to tell the difference between similar letters, remember what you read, or catch a ball. Fortunately, vision therapy can improve and enhance these abilities in both children and adults.

Is a Visual Perception Issue Responsible for Poor Performance at Work or School?

Visual perception refers to your brain's ability to interpret the images it receives from your brain. Thanks to your visual perception skills, you can:

Visual perception issues can be mistaken for other problems in school-age children. For example, if a child has difficulty concentrating or doesn't enjoy performing certain tasks, parents and teachers may assume that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a behavioral issue, or even autism is to blame. In reality, the child may avoid homework because they keep losing their place when reading or can't perform basic math calculations because several numbers look exactly the same.

Problems with visual perception can affect adults, too. Is your desk messy, or do you have trouble staying organized? In some cases, the issue may actually be traced to perception issues that have existed since you were a child. It may even explain why your handwriting has never improved.

Motor Skill Issues Can Affect Every Aspect of Your Life

Problems with motor skills can make life more difficult whether you're an adult or a child. Without good visual skills, it's hard to master both fine and gross motor skills, such as holding a pencil, manipulating tools, navigating a computer mouse, catching a ball, running, or jumping. Poor motor skills can be caused by a variety of issues, including:

Vision Therapy Offers an Effective Solution for Motor Skills and Visual Perception Problems

Vision therapy is an innovative treatment that helps you improve and refine the way you use your vision. During therapy sessions, you'll participate in activities, play computer games, and use prisms, lenses, balance boards, and other devices that will enhance the crucial connection between your brain and your eyes.

Vision therapy offers improvement in a number of areas, including:

Do you or your children have difficulty with motor or visual perception skills? Contact us to learn how you may benefit from a vision therapy program.


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