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Vision Therapy for Goalies

Guarding the net requires quick reflexes and the ability to anticipate the movements of the puck and players. Unfortunately, subtle problems with your vision may make it much harder to prevent goals. Vision therapy may be just what you need to improve your goaltending skills.

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy consists of a series of exercises and activities that help your eyes work together and strengthens the connection between your eyes and the visual processing centers in your brain. It's an excellent solution for athletes who train hard yet don't feel that they're quite as effective as they could be. In fact, many college and pro sports teams make vision therapy part of their training programs. The therapy offers proven results. In one research study, college baseball players at the University of California, Riverside decreased strikeouts and improved their batting averages after the therapy.

How Can Vision Therapy Help Me?

Vision therapy can help improve:

What Happens During Vision Therapy?

Before your first therapy session, you'll visit a vision therapist, an optometrist who has received extensive training in problems that can affect your ability to use your vision to its fullest. Your therapist will determine a diagnosis and create a treatment plan for you based on the results of your comprehensive vision examination.

During treatment, you may play a computer game designed to improve eye tracking or improve your convergence skills by focusing on moving balls attached to strings. Your vision therapist may also use prisms or special filters during therapy sessions. Activities will be tailored to your sports goals and vision deficiencies.

Whether you're a goalie or play another position or sport, vision therapy can help you improve your performance. Call us to schedule an appointment for your comprehensive vision examination.


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